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Nicholas Wong is an award-winning editor, who splits his time between working in Toronto and LA. His personable nature and meticulous work ethic has proven to be a valuable asset as he continues to deliver high quality work and collaboration that is sought after in the film and television industry. 


While studying film at Ryerson University, Nick worked part-time at Epitome Pictures, producing behind-the-scenes videos for Degrassi that featured such cast as Drake, Nina Dobrev, and guest star, Kevin Smith. In 2007, he travelled to Kenya with the Degrassi cast to shoot a documentary web series about their journey building a school with the charity organization, Free the Children. His final thesis film, My Dad Ralph, screened at numerous festivals and won several awards including the Student Choice award at Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children ('09). 


Since graduating with a B.F.A. in film studies, Nick has applied his extensive knowledge of filmmaking and storytelling to a successful career in editing. Working in a variety of formats, including half hour and hour long episodic television, MOWs, music videos, and web series, Nick's credits include The Expanse, Baroness Von Sketch Show, Degrassi and We Are Disorderly, for which he received the CCE Award for Best Editing in a Web Based Series in 2016. 

He is currently editing the second season of Halo for Paramount +.


work experience

Halo (2023) Paramount +/ Television Series / 1 hour

Producer: David Wiener/ Directors: Craig Zisk, Dennie Gordon

Snowpiercer (2021-2022) TNT, Netflix/ Television Series / 1 hour

Producer: Graeme Manson/ Directors: Christoph Schrewe, Leslie Hope

Code 8: Part II (2022) Netflix/Feature

Producer: Jeff Chan, Chris Paré/ Directors: Jeff Chan

Grendel (2022) Netflix/ Television Series / 1 hour

Producer: Andrew Dabb/ Directors: Jessika Borsiczky

Another Life (2020) Netflix/ Television Series / 1 hour

Producer: Aaron Martin/ Directors: Kellie Cyrus

The Expanse (2019) Amazon/ Television Series / 1 hour

Producer: Naren Shankar/ Directors: Breck Eisner, Jeff Woolnough

Utopia Falls (2019) Hulu/ Television Series / 1 hour

Producer: Joseph Mallozzi, RT!/ Directors: Melanie Orr, RT!

Baroness Von Sketch Show (2019) CBC, IFC/ Television Series 

Producer: Graham Ludlow / Director: Aleysa Young

Code 8 *Additional Editing (2018) Feature 

Producer: Chris Paré / Director: Jeff Chan

Killjoys (2018) Syfy, Space/ Television Series / 1 hour

Producer: Karen Troubetzkoy / Director: James Genn

Blood and Water (2018) OMNI/ Television Series 

Producer: Diane Boehme / Directors: Felipe Rodriguez, Jennifer Liao

Holly Hobbie (2018) Hulu, Universal Kids/ Television Series 

Producer: Andrew Rosen, Anthony Leo/ Directors: Megan Follows, Stefan Brogren, Mars Horodyski

Dark Matter (2017) Syfy, Space / Television Series / 1 hour

Producers: Jay Firestone, Joseph Mallozzi / Directors: Bruce Mcdonald, Gail Harvey

The Magical Christmas Ornaments (2017) Hallmark / MOW

Producers: Robert Vaughn / Directors: Don McBrearty

Creeped Out (2017) CBBC, Family Channel / Television Series 

Creators: Robert Butler, Bede Blake / Director: Bruce Mcdonald

Degrassi: Next Class  (2015/2016) Netflix, Family Channel / Television Series 

Producers: Linda Schuyler, Sarah Glinski / Directors: Stefan Brogren, Phil Earnshaw, Samir Rehem


We Are Disorderly  (2015) Webseries

Producers: Mazin Elsadig, Paula Brancati / Director: Samir Rehem

Open Heart  (2014) TeenNick, YTV / Television Series 

Producers: Linda Schuyler, Ramona Barckert / Directors: Stefan Brogren, Samir Rehem

Degrassi  (2013/2014) TeenNick, MTV / Television Series 

Producers: Linda Schuyler, Sarah Glinski / Directors: Stefan Brogren, Eleanor Lindo, RT!

The L.A. Complex  *Additional Editing (2012) The CW, MuchMusic / Television Series / 1 hour

Producers: Linda Schuyler, Martin Gero / Directors: Martin Gero 

awards and nominations

CSA Award (2020) Baroness Von Sketch Show

Best Picture Editing, Comedy

CCE Nomination (2019) Holly Hobbie

Best Editing in Family: MOW, Live Action

Future of Film Showcase (2018) Newborn

Jurors Choice Award for Best Editing

CCE Award (2016) We Are Disorderly

Best Editing in Web Based Series

CCE Nomination (2014) Degrassi

Best Editing - ½ hour Broadcast Short Form



Tina Horwitz @ Vanguarde Artists Management  |  Tel: 416.972.9542

Jay Horwitz @ Vanguarde Artists Management  |  Tel: 416.972.9542

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